Win or Lose

by Tzvi M Arnstein

February 28, 2023

Win or Lose

We are all devastated by the recent attacks that have happened in Israel, each one is a terrible tragedy which leaves us with open wounds. Our reactions start with horror then anger and at some point despair in the fact that there's nothing practical that we can do about it. Ever since Israel was founded 75 years ago, there have been attacks by our enemies and it seems no one has any realistic plan on how to end this violence once and for all.

Some people have said that the IDF has to take a tougher stance, however these terrorists don't seem to be deterred by a show of force, it's like the bop it game, you hit it here and it pops up somewhere else. Others have said we need a death penalty for attempted terrorist attacks, but being that so many are suicidal and are actually killed on the spot, it doesnt seem that that wil work either.

I would like to share an idea I have heard and I want to make it very practical so that we all can take steps towards a future in which these attacks will cease to exist.

The root of the problem is that the Arabs living in Israel strongly feel that Israel belongs to them. 

We may sit Friday night and make kiddush, some flip burgers on Yom Haatzmaut, we pat ourselves on the back and feel like we are finally at home after 2000 years of Golus. 

The Arabs however also have a strong national & religious belief that they are at home & here to stay and that we are merely a nuisance that needs to be gotten rid of. 

The question is, are they stupid? 

Do they not know that Israel became a country in 1948? 

Do they not see our exponential growth in every area under the sun? 

We’re BH the fastest growing western nation in the world, one of the strongest economies, at the forefront of every development in science, technology, healthcare, agriculture etc, and a military superpower to top it all off? 

To be honest we know that the Arab population within Israel's borders totals about 6 million people. However, we are clearly the more dominant of the two in every area of life and we are not going anywhere. So what are they trying to accomplish in this never ending bloodbath that they have been inflicting on us?

The answer is that although we have succeeded greater than anyone's wildest imaginations, we ourselves don't believe in it 100% and we broadcast this lack of confidence very loudly, far & wide for all to see. They see this attitude and they're like “if you yourselves don't believe in it so why should we?” We’ll just keep on torturing you until you leave.

Wait you’ll ask, how & where do we broadcast this weakness? 

The answer is the Temple Mount aka Har Habayis. The Temple mount is the heart of this land, it's the center of the world which is the center of the universe. You know it, I know it and they know it too. When we abandon the Temple Mount into the hands of the Jordanian Wakf, we are basically saying that our connection to this land is temporary. It's not very deep and committed, we’re afraid to rile up the world's feathers. At best it's a way to protect ourselves from the tyrants of the world like we witnessed in the holocaust. But not deeper than that.

Hashem chose us as the nation through which he would rest his presence in this world. Just like Israel is supposed to be the light of the nations, Har Habayis and the Mikdash are supposed to be the light for Israel and the Jewish people. If we are disconnected from the source of our mission then the truth is unfortunately we are not permanent. 

Har Habayis is the Master Bedroom of the house called Israel.  If we let them sleep there then we are now in the guestroom. Their thinking is that “Just a little more pricking at our weak spots and they will send the guests packing”. While there are many shuls and mosques all over Israel, the shul of all shuls and the mosque of all mosques is Har Habayis. When the “Shul” of Israel is davening “Nusach Arab” then the community is Arab, it doesn't matter what the board or whoever else voted on. In western culture there is a concept of nuance, playing fair, making compromises etc however in their culture it's very black & white. The message we are sending to them is screaming weakness and lack of confidence in our mission. We need to believe and behave as the Jewish people who have permanently returned to their homeland and will do what it takes to see our national goals to completion.

When Hashem told Moshe to tell Paraoh to “let my people go” he said “so that they can serve me” The Torah places a tremendous emphasis on the Mishkan, its service and all the myriad of details, more than any other subject combined. It actually takes up the entire middle book “Vayikrah” sort of like the meat in a sandwich. 

Coming back to our original question, how do we stop these attacks?

As we mentioned there is a fight as to whose land is this afterall? 

There can only be one winner. 

We need to cut the power cord that connects the Arabs to the Eretz Yisroel. 

As a people we need to regain control of the master bedroom which will give us the full keys to the house. Once they get the sense that we are for real and we know we are for real then they will lose all hope in ever winning this war. Being in 2000 years of Golus forced us to accept the blows of whoever attacked us and try to lie low in an effort to survive. Now that we are once again an independent nation, we need to stand proud, without fear and fight for what we believe in. 

In a perfect world the government would use its resources to come up with a plan to evict the Wakf without firing one bullet. Jews should be allowed to Daven there with Tallis & Tefillin at all hours of the day. Arabs who want to visit should only be allowed if they accept Israeli scrutiny and keep to the rules. 

Practically this fundamental change would be a very large operation with a tremendous amount of planning. It would also require a serious backbone to deal with the pressure from other nations like Jordan, the US, EU and Arab nations alike. Being that so, the government will only do it if they have a very strong internal pressure to counter the external pressure. 

That internal pressure comes from me & you. The Government of Israel already spends millions of shekels in maintaining, improving and securing the Kotel and its environs because the people hold the Kotel very dearly and visit it often. We need to garner that level of interest in Har Habayis and only when that happens will the Government be forced to shift gears and start making moves. There is no better place to start than you. Be the change you want to see in the world. Start visiting Har Habayis, once a week, once a month, a few times a year, one way or another, just do it. When you do it, your actions will rub off on others to join you, the trickle will turn into a torrent and the rivers of change will bring true sovereignty on Har Habayis & Eretz Yisroel. Bmeheira Biyameinu Amen.

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