Visiting Har Habayis

General Opening Hours:

In the Winter from
7:00-10:30am , 12:30-1:30pm

In the Summer from
7:00-11:00am , 1:30-2:30pm

Group Visits
Groups from the Kollel & Yeshivas Har Habayis ascend daily at the times specified below. All are welcome to join, and no registration is required. The groups usually meet 5-10 minutes before, at the entrance to the Har Habayis security line - right opposite the steps. Once getting through security, the groups wait a few minutes in the Gazebo before going up.
7:00 AM Aliyah with Shachris and Daf Yomi
Yeshivas Har Habayis
9:30 AM Aliyah -  usually with a minyan.
Kollel Har Habayis
12:30 Aliyah with Mincha and Shiur - Winter
1:30 Aliyah with Mincha and Shiur - Summer
Yeshiva & Kollel Har Habayis

Registration (Optional)

Are you a first timer or just looking for some hand holding? Now you can register so one of the Beis Hashem, Yeshiva or Kollel members will know to expect you. We can also provide hadracha as a free service, both before and during your Aliyah. To register, please fill out the form below:

MM slash DD slash YYYY

והיה באחרית הימים נכון יהיה הר בית ה' בראש ההרים ונשא מגבעות ונהרו אליו כל….

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