Sign from the rabbinate forbidding Jewish entry to the Temple Mount

Is There An Issur Kares To Ascend To Har Habayis?

The most common question (or accusation) that arises when discussing the topic of aliya l'Har Habayis is: How can it be muttar to enter the Har; aren't we all tamei and isn't there an issur kares to enter the Har when we are tamei?

by Beis Hashem Staff
May 12, 2023

Does Jewish Prayer On Har Habayis Cause Terror Attacks?

There are those who claim that frum yidden that visit Har Habayis to daven and be mishtachaveh to Hashem are the direct catalyst for Muslim terror attacks on fellow Jews. Yet, this argument seems disingenuous.

by Beis Hashem Staff
March 16, 2023

והיה באחרית הימים נכון יהיה הר בית ה' בראש ההרים ונשא מגבעות ונהרו אליו כל….

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