Why should I go to Har Habyis?

It's a Mitzvah as the passuk says:

כי אם־אל־המקום אשר־יבחר ה'.. לשום את־שמו שם לשכנו תדרשו ובאת שמה: (דברים פרק יב פסוק ה). 

Visiting Har Habayis is also the most practical step we can take to influence the government to eventually allow us to build the Mikdash.

There are so many Mitzvos why should I connect to this one?

The Torah talks about the building of the Mishkan more than any other topic. It takes up the whole Vayikra, half of Shemos and is mentioned many times in Bamidbar and Dvarim as well. Additionally noteworthy is that the same way the meat is the center of the sandwich, the Mishkan and all its Avodah is the center of the Torah, taking up the entire middle Sefer of Vayikra.

Ok but why is it important to me?

Chazal explain Hashem's desire to create humanity and all of existence, as a way to give to an "other" so to speak. Hashem wants a relationship with us Humans and his interest and divine providence are a defining pillar of our faith. Rabbi Fohrman in his Sefer “A Parsha Companion” explains the deeper significance of the Mikdash, in that the same way Hashem created this space called planet earth and the entire universe that contains it, as place within Himself for us to live, He would like for us to create a space within our physical existence for Him to dwell amongst us. 

Wait, isn't it Asur in Halacha for Jews to go up to Har Habayis?

There are many misconceptions in this area and this is a great example. Everyone agrees that Har Habyis itself is completely mutar for someone who is Tamei Meis to visit. The gemara notes that even an actual meis is permitted to be brought to Har Habyis. The only requirement is that a person cannot be Tamei Tumas Keri which can be resolved by going to a Biblically Kosher Mikvah.

So why does everyone say that it's not allowed?

There are a variety of reasons for this common mistake. Firstly there is an Issur for Temei Meis to enter the Azara - the Temple courtyard and some people say we don't know where that is, so we avoid the entire area.

So do we know or we don't know?

There has been a Mesorah from when the dome of the rock was built 1300 years ago, until today, that the area underneath is where the Kodesh Hakadoshim is located. The overwhelming majority of scholars, researchers, historians and archaeologists who have researched the topic have all come to the same conclusion. This is brought down in the Radvaz, The Bach, Shaarei Tshuva, Marharit, Chida & the Shla Hakadosh.  Using simple math based on the Mishna in Maseches Middos we have a very clear picture where the Azara is and where it isn't.

One second, I have definitely heard prominent Rabbannim & Gedolim say that it's Assur?!?

Yes that's true and the reason is because back in 1967 when Israel regained control of Har Habayis (Muslims restricted Jewish visits & prayer for hundreds of years) there was much unfamiliarity with the whole subject which caused there to be confusion as to where the Azara is located and also caused many people to come and actually visit the parts that are Asur. At the time the Rabbannim issued a Kol Koreh saying that no-one should go visit as to prevent desecration to the holiest place in Yiddishkeit.

Does that still apply today?

There are many Rabbannim today who are matir Aliyah to Har Habayis as there are no longer any real reasons not to go.

Were there any prominent Rabannim that are Matir Aliyah to Har Habyis?

Yes there are over 200 Rabbanim that are Matir Aliyah to Har Habyis, see our homepage for a partial list.

I’m ready to go but should I be concerned that while I’m on Har Habayis that I may advertently step into forbidden areas?

All religious Jews who visit the mount are required by police to follow police escort during the entire visit. The police will actually not allow you to go into any forbidden areas even if you wanted to and would actually stop you if you tried. It's worth mentioning that the areas that are Mutar are actually over 90% of the Har, the forbidden area is relatively quite small. See map here.

Where can I find a mikvah that is Kosher for Tevillah D’Oraysa?

Please visit our Mikvah directory page here.

Are there any Halachos that I need to know?

Yes please see our Halachos of Aliyah page here.

What time is Har Habyis open to the public?

Har Habayis is open to the public as follows:

In the Winter from 7-10:30am & 12:30-1:30pm, 

In the Summer 7-11am & 1:30-2:30pm 

See more scheduling and tour info here.

והיה באחרית הימים נכון יהיה הר בית ה' בראש ההרים ונשא מגבעות ונהרו אליו כל….

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