The current situation is that the muslims maintain an overriding presence on the Temple Mount and Jews can only visit under poor terms & conditions. We need to use the democratic process to reverse the tables and make it that Jews maintain the overriding presence. After all we want Hashem to rest his presence there, among us and for that we need to be there.

If many, many people go and visit all the time, then the government will be forced to change their stance on the matter. So long as it's just 100 or people a day - that's not significant at all or enough for them to take it seriously.

To put this in practical terms, The Kotel has many hundreds of visitors per day and thousands or tens of thousands of visitors on some days. Because of that the Kotel gets universal attention and the Govt grants full Jewish rights there + a large maintenance budget etc. We need to change the focus from the Kotel to the mountain above it so that the numbers on Har Habayis replace the numbers at the Kotel.

The benefits of this new reality would be tenfold

Jewish people would be granted full unrestricted access unlike the current limited hours

The Govt would allocate funding for maintenance and upkeep

We would be able to build a Shul for people to daven comfortably

The entire Israel palestinian conflict would be upended

Am Yisroel taking Har Habayis seriously creates the container for the Shechina to return

All the Bracha in the world flows through the Shechina dwelling amongst Am Yisrael

The light that shines forth will attract the return of the rest of diaspora Jewry

This would pave the way for building the Bais Hamkidash Hashlishi B’mheira B’yameinu

The return of all the Mitzvos HaMikdash that have been dormant for thousands of years

The nations of the world will all accept the dominion of G-d

The end of all suffering and traged

Coming back to the next steps of this goal,

We need to make this a popular movement and the way to do that is to slowly get more and more individuals involved. As people join this slowly breaks down the social barriers which in turn brings more people to join. At a certain point you break the high walls of public opinion and the gaping hole creates an avalanche of people who were until today bottled up and apprehensive to take part.

The way to get more people involved is to publish material reaching out to various audiences and arguing them to take part in this movement. Material can be published online with a website and in print mediums such as trifold brochures and posters. The material will be adapted for each target audience so that the presentation resonates with each readership. As the Mikdash is the physical and spiritual center of the universe for all humanity - there is something for everyone.

Phase one will focus on American Yeshiva educated frum circles. The reason is because that's the circles that I personally am most familiar with and secondly, as they are considered the torch bearers of traditional Halachic Judaism, making a movement here will in some effect make a movement everywhere.

והיה באחרית הימים נכון יהיה הר בית ה' בראש ההרים ונשא מגבעות ונהרו אליו כל….

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